Early Years and Primary Team


Adivije May | Early Years Coordinator - via Colonna

"The warmth, curiosity, diversity and passion that the students bring forth, remind me daily of just how lucky I am to be in this profession. At St. Louis, we aim to nurture our students and instill a love of learning, creativity, a sense of community and independence from a very early age"


Camille Warner | Primary School Academic Coordinator - Via Colonna                             

“It is an absolute joy to be the Primary Academic Coordinator at a school where the students are curious, engaged and show such a great love of learning. At St. Louis School, we support and challenge the children to achieve their very best in an inspiring and nurturing environment. It is our aim for each child to achieve their full potential and create many happy memories of their time at school.”                                       


Elena Brevi | Primary School Italian Coordinator - Via Colonna                             

“Educating means allowing the new generations to have the tools to make better the world they live, to act with awareness, to grow and mature with conscience, a critical spirit and loyalty to themselves and others. School has to be understood as a " laboratory of life” in which to experiment, choose and act by developing a critical sense, open-mindedness and re-elaboration of contents through one's personal vision of the world. ”                                       


Faye Nicholson | EAL Coordinator - Via Colonna                      

“It is very exciting to be leading English as an Additional Language (EAL) here at St. Louis Colonna. My ten years of UK and International teaching experience will be used to support and develop the confidence of those students who require a little extra support in using and understanding the English language. Our aim for EAL here at Colonna, is to benefit the students both in the classroom and in the wider world.”                       


Kara Chapman | Primary School Deputy Head - via Colonna                                                                       

"At St. Louis School we ensure an outstanding international education set in an environment that excites, inspires, supports and challenges every student to excel academically and socially. It is a great privilege to be the Deputy Head of Primary at such a thriving community where high aspirations and caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do"


Amy Tarafdar | Deputy Head Early Years - Via Caviglia                                                                       

"Early Years is a magical time of discovery and as Teachers of this phase we have the great privilege of being welcomed into the child's imaginative world. The children provide us with a constant source of inspiration that enables us to facilitate their learning experience. In Early Years we view ourselves as facilitators of learning. We go on a learning journey with the child, we personalise their education and celebrate all their individual achievements along the way. It is a dream come true for me to be the Deputy Head of Early Years at St. Louis and I feel really excited about the journey ahead." 

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Michael Flight | Primary Italian Coordinator - Via Caviglia                            

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Davide Colleoni | Primary Italian Coordinator - Via Caviglia                            

"Mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting”. This is the first goal of a teacher: to light up the creativity, guide with passion, stimulate the curiosity of the students to discover their own world and its magnificence.