Early Years and Primary Team


Adivije May                                                                         Early Years Coordinator - via Colonna

"The warmth, curiosity, diversity and passion that the students bring forth, remind me daily of just how lucky I am to be in this profession. At St. Louis, we aim to nurture our students and instill a love of learning, creativity, a sense of community and independence from a very early age"


Natasha Croad                                                                       Infant School Head Teacher - via Caviglia

"A child’s first encounters with learning can shape the rest of their lives.  Providing a warm, supportive space where every question is valued, every wondering is considered, and every child’s individuality is nurtured will ensure that a spirit of confident exploration accompanies them throughout their learning journey."


Jennie Devine                                                                      Primary School Head Teacher - via Caviglia

"26 letters, 10 digits and a handful of punctuation marks.  With just these few symbols, we can express emotions, understand others’ lives and experiences and codify the collected knowledge of us all.  There are simple building blocks, but they can be manipulated into something amazing.  We should help children not only understand these tools, but to give them the confidence and independence to create wonderous things with them.  The job of a teacher is not to teach.  It is to help students learn"


Kara Chapman                                                                       Primary School Deputy Head - via Colonna

"At St. Louis School we ensure an outstanding international education set in an environment that excites, inspires, supports and challenges every student to excel academically and socially. It is a great privilege to be the Deputy Head of Primary at such a thriving community where high aspirations and caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do"