High School Team


Graham Lawless | Deputy Head Pastoral

"For me at the centre of education is always the student and making sure they get the best educational environment. We must strive to create an environment which is inclusive and where all students are supported with empathy and the care needed so they can reach their full academic potential"                                       


Claire Verani | Deputy Head IGCSE Years 

"In the first years of High School students are taught Approaches to Learning (AtL) skills that provide a solid foundation for learning independently and with others. Students learn how to develop their thinking and reasoning skills and at the same time their resilience to reach their full potential. At St Louis we strive to excite, inspire, support and challenge every student not only in view of the IGCSE examinations but in order to face the challenges that lie ahead, be it the IB Diploma Programme, University or every day life."                          

(Work in progress)     

Hatty Rafferty | Deputy Head IB Years