Middle School Team


Matthew Ingram | Deputy Head
Caviglia Campus                          

"The simple aim of all educationalists at St Louis is to support and guide all St. Louis students on their Learning Journey and to aim for the highest cloud so that if they miss it, they will still hit the peak of their own lofty mountain."


Gavin Williams | Deputy Head
Colonna Campus                        

"The success of St Louis is built upon the strength of the relationships between students and teachers.  We work tirelessly to develop our students not just academically, but also as internationally minded, compassionate and confident individuals who can contribute positively to their communities.  Our caring approach to education gives our students the tools to grow into the people that they choose to become"


Robert Bulmer | Academic coordinator
Middle school Colonna              

"I believe that every student has the right to a learning experience that exposes them to a range of different teaching styles, that can exploit a culture of inquiry and that allows them to maximize their potential"


Nick Tollitt | Academic Coordinator
Middle school Caviglia 

"In the Middle School, at St. Louis, we equip students with the creative and pragmatic skills required to excel in their studies. Education relies on clarity, good communication and consistency. By tailoring lessons to the interests and needs of students, as well as providing detailed and specific feedback, we ensure that they are prepared for every step of their learning journey, fostering rapport and promoting a love of learning."