We are delighted that you are interested in St Louis School, Milan.

We are a dynamic and well established, world-class school built on the solid foundations of a deep Milanese and International community, about to celebrate our twenty-fifth year. At the heart of our school are our students, who are provided with a unique opportunity to follow a highly successful model of the British National Curriculum, blended with a very well established Italian Curriculum, leading to International GCSEs and finally, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The year on year scores earned by our students in the IB Diploma place us as the number one school in Europe. We also provide safe and comfortable boarding opportunities for students of high school age, in our purpose built boarding house, not far from our Archinto Campus.

Our students are inspired by a progressive, dedicated and highly qualified group of teachers and school staff who have established a reputation for setting high standards, whilst supporting and nurturing students to do their very best. Knowing that another of the key points of difference is that many of our students will be completely bilingual when they graduate, our teachers encourage and maintain cultural awareness and diversity with a rich linguistic exposure across every subject area.

The school motto is ‘Carpe Magnificentiam’ which we can translate as ‘take hold of what is marvellous’. This is no easy task. We know that an outstanding education requires a holistic view that provides opportunities for multiple pathways for learning for all students, where we can draw in the best at each age and stage, knowing that the journeys our students are on are seamless and aligned. This is absolutely necessary in a school of 1500 students, made up of three campuses, and where students join us aged three years old, and graduate to world class universities as adults, aged eighteen.

We know that learning at every stage should be enjoyable and engaging, but it should also be appropriately challenging. Rigour instills resilience, an important quality across our community and for the futures of our children. St. Louis School students have achieved remarkable success in a wide range of diverse professions across the world. Returning students tell us that they believe that this is down to a sense of inner confidence, the ability to think independently, and a commitment to shared values and respect, that were clear priorities during their time at St. Louis School.

We warmly invite you to come and see who we are at each of our three campuses at Archinto (Year 10 to Year 13), Caviglia (PreSchool to Year 9) and Colonna (PreSchool to Year 9), where you will be able to find out first-hand, the mix of people, place and tradition that make St. Louis School such a special place.

Yours sincerely,

Jake Burnett (Principal, Caviglia Campus)
Gerry Rafferty (Executive Principal, Archinto Campus)
Kathy Slocombe (Principal, Colonna Campus)