high school admissions

Admission to the High School (14-18 years) is subject to an interview with the parents and the prospective student who additionally must sit an assessment test. 


  1. Parents are kindly asked to complete the Contact Form on this page
  2. Our Admissions Officer will contact the family to give more information about our school and to start the admission procedure as follows
  3. Parents will be asked to send a copy of their child’s annual school reports for the last two years
  4. Parents will be contacted to arrange a school visit and tour of our school premises (Palazzo Archinto)
  5. After the initial visit, parents interested in enrolling their child must register them for an assessment test which involves payment of a non-refundable fee of 100 euro
  6. The school will communicate the test result to parents and offer places accordingly
  7. When the school offers a place, parents will be asked to sign the enrolment and school regulation form, a copy of which will be given to parents at the school visit
  8. If the family is living abroad and unable to travel to the High School for the visit, a Skype video call can be arranged with the family and the prospective student.  The assessment test can be sat under exam conditions at the current school and the test can be scanned and emailed back to St Louis to mark.  The result will then be communicated to the family as described in the process above.

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