British Kindergarten in Milan

Caviglia Campus/Colonna Campus

Our Kindergarten in Milan offers 2 to 5 years olds an excellent early years education within a happy, welcoming and stimulating environment. We offer exciting opportunities for young learners to flourish during the Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception stages. At our vibrant school in the North of Italy, young explorers experience a home-from-home setting and receive exceptional support at each step of their development. We offer engaging learning opportunities for young learners to flourish.

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Why Choose Our Kindergarten in Milan?

Our British Kindergarten in Milan offers an exceptional preschool academic programme based on the British National Curriculum. Children are valued as unique individuals and enjoy a well-established English education through a varied syllabus that promotes: personal, social and emotional development; creative development; knowledge of the world; communication and language skills; problem-solving; reasoning and numeracy skills.

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Kindergarten Grades

The early years educational path is divided into three classes:

  • Nursery (2 years old)
  • Kindergarten (3 years old)
  • Reception (4 years old)
  • Year 1 (5 years old)

British Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten in Milan offers a child-centred approach to British education. Specialists engage early years learners in the English National Curriculum by working with them at each step of their development to foster creative thinking, confidence and self-expression through fun, interactive activities anchored in numeracy, literacy, art, physical education, drama and music.

The UK Early Years curriculum develops each child’s strengths and abilities via an interactive syllabus to meet their individual needs. With support, young children build essential key skills and establish a solid foundation for future learning.

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Stimulating Preschool Environment

At our British Kindergarten in Milan, the Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception education implemented seeks to support children and their and families as growing youngsters discover new skills and abilities. The Preschool offers an early years environment that is bright, safe and spacious. Children are offered exciting opportunities to dive into a world of adventure during outdoor play and student-centred, teacher-led lesson, which take place in comfortable classrooms.

Early years learning areas are equipped with a range of high-quality materials to complement the curriculum. As part of our holistic approach, youngsters enjoy personalised support in the classroom and in the modern library. The school's extensive Kindergarten facilities also offer the use of digital resources, including iPads, which feature age-appropriate software.

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Language Immersion in the Early Years

Language immersion is one of the defining characteristics of our British preschool in Milan. Classes are led by language specialists, most of whom come from a host of English-speaking countries, and teachers are well-qualified to provide excellent language tuition to help children familiarise themselves with English vocabulary.

Throughout the preschool programme, young linguists are encouraged to communicate with their teachers and classmates using their newfound bilingual skills during fun, interactive early years' language classes.

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Kindergarten Staff

Our fully-qualified Kindergarten teachers are education experts, who work together to create a positive, caring learning environment for young children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception classes.

Teachers, teaching assistants, coaches, tutors and external professionals form a team of caring daycare specialists to help children transition smoothly into preschool education. They are committed to ensuring every member of the Kindergarten community gains the independence and foundational skills they need to thrive.

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Kindergarten Activities

Daily activities are led by experts in early years education, who ensure young explorers receive a premium early years education centred upon learning through play. As they grow, our young community also gains an understanding of routines and expectations as part of the learning process. Curriculum-based activities are stimulating and inclusive to develop new skills while encouraging engagement with others in structured lessons and during leisure time. In addition to the curricula activities, students also benefit from specialist teachers in:

  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Drama/Movement
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Art

Students also take part in an extensive range of trips, visits and workshops.

Kindergarten Options

Children attending our Early Learning School are encouraged to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 am. The school day ends at 3:45 pm. For more information about the full and part-time Kindergarten schedules we arrange for your family, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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