Academic Results


St. Louis School is extremely proud of the exceptional IB results achieved by our students. We congratulate all of our students on their outstanding results, which stand their ground with some of the world’s top IB schools. A summary of our IB results can be seen below:

St Louis IB Results   2018 2017  2016 2015
Average Point Score   36 37 37.03 36.12
Awarded Bilingual Diploma   43 67% 54% 71%
Scored 38 or higher   40% 45% 43% 33%



Cambridge IGCSE is widely recognised by higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement. Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. The programme is more rigorous than the standard GCSEs and broadens opportunities for students who wish to further their education either domestically or internationally.

Assessment takes place at the end of the course and includes written, oral, course work and practical assessment. Grades are benchmarked using eight internationally recognised grades, A* to G, which have clear guidelines to explain the standard of achievement for each grade.

The St. Louis School High School is the only international school offering a full IGCSE programme in Milan. Its students' results are in the following table:



St Louis School IGCSE results 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Number of Subject Entries 489 486 429 396 267 120
Number of Candidates 61 57 51 47 34 16
Grades A or A* 48% 49% 50% 49% 46% 49%
Grades between A* and C 88% 49% 96% 92% 91% 90%