The inauguration marks another milestone in the development of St. Louis High School.
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We extend our warmest congratulations to our final year class on their excellent results.
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Enjoy the fascinating 'Ripples' installation at Colonna Summer Festival, documented by Atelierista Holly Warren.

The 5th St Louis High School Graduation at Palazzina Appiani Milano was a magical and memorable night both for the students, as they progressed beyond their school years into adulthood, and for the family, friends and school community, who were privileged to share this time with them.

We would like to share these precious Gift Words with the St. Louis Community as they reflect our values and ideals. May the children’s wisdom guide us through the coming year.

Strong snowfall has occurred during the week. Snowflakes in large numbers have drifted from the children’s imagination and are now adorning the ground floor creating a winter wonderland.