World class results again in the IB Diploma 2020

World class results again in the IB Diploma 2020

Our 60 high school students flourish in these unprecedented times and equal the highest average points score in our history 36.5 (37)
21% of students received an outstanding 40+ IB Diploma points (world average 7%)
43% of students attained 38 points or more (world average approx 10 %)
36.5 (37) point average overall

Great work by all our specialist teachers and hard working students in such a challenging year for our community!!

The IB Diploma, the global gold standard of education, will enable our students to proceed to the world’s best universities and go on to make a valuable contribution to society.

Meet the new head for Caviglia, Jake Burnett.

Joining us for the new term to lead the Caviglia campus at St. Louis School, is Jake Burnett. Watch this video from Jake introducing himself and how is he working with the leadership team now to get ready for September.
View video here.

Grazia interview to Nicholas Wergan, Inspired Europe Education Director

In Germania, Danimarca, Nuova Zelanda i ragazzi sono già tornati sui banchi a turni, con modalità inedite per evitare la diffusione del contagio. In settembre l’Italia potrà seguire il loro esempio? Qui rispondono i dirigenti di alcuni istituti internazionali del nostro Paese che stanno studiando le esperienze positive delle loro strutture-sorelle all’estero

St. Louis High School -  Palazzo Archinto's inauguration

The International cast delivered short speeches to the gathered authorities, journalists, Parental Board and special guests. In the evening, a wonderful party was held with over 200 parents and teachers gathering in the magical school grounds.

St. Louis School, as part of the Inspired Education Group, are always at the forefront of quality education and frequently take the lead in developing new initiatives, while at the same time upholding their fine traditions. The beautiful Palazzo Archinto, with a state-of-the-art library, IT labs, IB centre, six science laboratories, auditorium, drama room, over twenty classrooms and Art rooms, will be the place where St. Louis students build their capacities to fulfil their aspirations with the support of their specialist teachers. 

The inauguration marks another milestone in the development of St. Louis High School. It represents a great day of hope for the future, interwoven with good memories and values from their first 20 years. With the support of Inspired, St. Louis continues to develop our community of learners for tomorrow to face whatever lies ahead with confidence.


Mr Gerry Rafferty: Executive Principal, St. Louis High School
Dr.ssa Laura Galimberti, Assessore all’Educazione ed Istruzione, Comune di Milano
Dr. Stephen Spurr, Education Chairman, Inspired Education Group
Dr. Marc Ledermann, CEO Europe, Inspired Education Group
Dr.ssa Lorenza Rotti Ciccarelli, Art Historian

Leadership team, St. Louis School, Archinto
Mr. Graham Lawless, Deputy Head Pastoral
Mrs. Claire Verani, Deputy Head IGCSE Years
Mrs. Hatty Rafferty, Deputy Head IB Years

Student Ambassadors
Alberto Chiapparoli and Anna Ghelfi 


We extend our warmest congratulations to our Year 13 class on their excellent results.


- 100% pass rate
- Our top 20 students average just under 39 points
- Our average for the cohort of 57 students is 35 points
- Our 5 year average is 36.2 points for over 200 students (the highest in Continental Europe)
- In the last 5 years 38 % of students (80 students) have achieved 38 or more points


• 97 students and 808 exam entries
• 94 % pass rate A*- C grades 
• 50 % A*/A grades

Via Caviglia Welcome Event

24 October 2018