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Grazia interview to Nicholas Wergan, Inspired Europe Education Director

In Germania, Danimarca, Nuova Zelanda i ragazzi sono già tornati sui banchi a turni, con modalità inedite per evitare la diffusione del contagio. In settembre l’Italia potrà seguire il loro esempio? Qui rispondono i dirigenti di alcuni istituti internazionali del nostro Paese che stanno studiando le esperienze positive delle loro strutture-sorelle all’estero

Christmas Market-Christmas for Cambodia

December is always a busy time at St. Louis, but our annual Christmas Market is a time where teachers and students can relax, and come together to celebrate in merriment. This years St. Louis Christmas Market is set to be one of our biggest, and our new venue of Palazzo Archinto gives us the opportunity to host more stalls and games for all to enjoy.  This year we are also starting what will hopefully turn into a wonderful tradition: The Christmas for Cambodia Market.  Christmas for Cambodia is a part of our enlargement project of the Cambodia Council within our new charity, Schools Without Borders ONLUS.  Students and teachers alike have been organising events and fundraisers for several years to support our philanthropic endeavour, the St. Louis' Swy School, in Rantanakiri, Cambodia.  Our mission is that after ten years of development, Swy School will become the beacon of education we envisioned, and strong enough to be given over the the Cambodian Ministry of Education as a fully-fledged school.

The Christmas for Cambodia Market will see games, activities, food, and fun for all, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Swy School.  Our goal is to raise over €10,000 by June so that we can start to make long term projects and goals with the school.  Our current goal is to have the funds necessary to fix, deepen, and enlarge the current water pump and hydration system at the school to ensure our students there have access to clean and safe water; a crucial element in the fight against water-borne infections such as cholera, and dysentery.

We look forward to having everybody come together this TUESDAY 17 DECEMBER from 13h00, to have fun, and to help those less fortunate.

2019 Colonna Summer Festival

Enjoy the fascinating 'Ripples' installation at Colonna Summer Festival, documented by Atelierista Holly Warren.

2019 Graduation Day

What a fantastic event again!

The 5th St Louis High School Graduation at Palazzina Appiani Milano was a magical and memorable night both for the students, as they progressed beyond their school years into adulthood, and for the family, friends and school community, who were privileged to share this time with them.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share memories of their time at St Louis, to reflect on how far they have come, and to wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

Via Caviglia Welcome Event

24 October 2018