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The implementation of the online programmes has been met positively as we have strived in the face of adversity to continue the education of our students; acting quickly to leverage the technology and e- learning capabilities of the Inspired group and supporting the skills required for independent learning.

A huge thank you is extended to the entire St Louis School community of students, parents, guardians, teachers and non-teaching staff for your support in making this a success.



At St. Louis School, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings

Coronavirus, lezioni a distanza al collegio St Louis di Milano - Italia

Le immagini che riprendono l'interno dell'edificio scolastico (ANSA)





“We would like to thank You, Inspired and all the Staff of St Louis School for the effort done these days. Our special thank goes to the Teachers: they are all outstanding. “Virtual learning” is working very well and our son Guglielmo is really happy and excited by this new way of learning. 
We are grateful because St Louis School represent, also in these difficult days, the guarantee of continued educations.” 
B. family

On behalf of my family, I just wanted to thank and show appreciation to you and the rest of the school staff for the timely, successful and professional effort you are making to overcome this crisis and make the children feel looked after and busy with their learning. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work” 
Mrs. S

“We would like to thank you, the teachers, Inspired and all the staff of St Louis School for the effort done these days. “Virtual learning” is working very well and our daughter Margherita is really pleased and excited by this new way of learning. We are grateful because St Louis School represents, also in these difficult days in Italy and in Milan, the GUARANTEE OF CONTINUED EDUCATION” 
Year 12 Parent 

“The M. S. family would like to sincerely thank you for the amazing job you’ve done to guarantee the education of our children in these difficult times, so quickly and so efficiently. You have given all our children a sense of normality and solidity so critical to their self confidence and morale when everything around them is so unstable and unpredictable. We are so proud to be part of the St Louis family. 

“Michael (8A) had a fantastic learning experience yesterday, staff showed creativity in delivering interesting and engaging lessons. He was even able to take part in P.E by filming training techniques in football to upload. Staff have really engaged with the Bluejeans platform and so have the students. Well done St Louis Colonna Staff you are truly amazing!” 
Mrs. R

“Today my daughter Ginevra and my son Edoardo in seeing the faces of their teachers and masters have made smiles full of happiness. This for me parent has a great meaning. I am an educator myself although with much older students, and I greatly appreciate the professionalism and love of these teachers.” 
Mrs. D

“We want to thank each of you for the effort you have put into this, I have never felt so proud to belong to the St. Louis community!” Ms. B

“As parents, we would like to express our appreciation for all the work, passion and commitment that the teachers and the whole school has shown in this emergency situation. For the kids virtual online learning is something exciting and very useful at the same time and we are glad that THEY ARE NOT LOSING ANY LESSON TIME, but rather they are experimenting with a new and up to date way of learning.” Year 10 Parent 



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