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Inspired Summer Enrichment Programme 2021

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Inspired Summer Enrichment programme 2021

The summer got more exciting with our new pre-high school enrichment programme for 11-14 year olds.

Based in St Louis School facilities.

Excellent staff from International School of Milan and St. Louis School.
Options for a wide range of interests.
Peace of mind COVID-19 policy (refund or transfer to 2022).

Our new Summer Enrichment programme offers students an unparalleled opportunity to explore subjects they may be interested in but are not part of their school curriculum.

For students who have a passion for learning and want the benefit of the academic excellence offered by St Louis School and International School of Milan, the programme will further their knowledge through a set of engaging and stimulating classes.

The programme is aimed at students aged 11-14 years.

Our first programme takes place at the St Louis Archinto campus where students will attend a two-week programme.

5th - 9th July 2021
12th - 16th July 2021
9.00am to 12.00pm

Course cost: €1200

Grouped by age, students rotate through sessions

Registration deadline June 4th 2021


Creating Character
A mixture of drama/speaking skills, pen portraits, vocabulary and story writing.

Finding your voice
Using poetry, rhythm and speech ideas to create their own poems, social media presence, and presentation skills AND/OR expression through song lyrics.

Shock Horror!
How to make a Horror Movie storyboard (comic strip style – also good for Action Hero genre too).


How to solve ANY problem
Puzzles and riddles to challenge your problem solving and reasoning skills.


Building an organ
DNA extraction, mitosis and ethical issues.

Space exploration
Establishing a colony on Mars.

Invisible science
Detecting and using forces and energy.

And the ‘toys’ of computer science.


Language A (first language)
“Book club” with creative writing activities and dramatisation activities, starting from an Italian literary text.

Language B (second language)
A series of enriching and enjoyable learning activities and role plays in real-world scenarios.


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