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Michele Trapani, Year 8 Student, Talks at the Children Assembly in Billund


This September, the International General Assembly of Children was held in Billund, Denmark: children from all over the world came together, discussed and collaborated together to create a common manifesto to be submitted to world leaders.

Among the guests, also Michele Trapani, a young year 8 student at St. Louis School Caviglia. Michele with his speech underlined the right of children and young generations to be listened to to help make the world a better place.

This is his request to adults, in front of an audience of participants from all over the world: «It's true, we ask you to give us the world in our hands because, in the end, it is about our future. We know that sooner or later, we will have to take care of it, it just depends on when you want it to happen. Statistics show that issues such as the climate crisis affect us children much more closely than you adults. We know we have the skills and the will to play our role on these issues. Let us play it ».

St. Louis School’s Principal, Jake Burnett proudly comments: «Michele is an Italian mother tongue student who, thanks to his educational path in our school, has been able to bring his point of view in an international context, using the English language with full command equal to a "native speaker" and showing great maturity and eloquence. We are proud of him and how he perfectly embodies the concept of student in our school ».

This is the full video of the Children's General Assembly in Billund, Denmark