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Renewed Spaces and a New Open Air Learning Area


Our school aims to constantly improve the facilities and equipment available to its students and teachers. Particular attention is paid not only to classrooms and laboratories, but also to those spaces where the school community spends free time or carries out extracurricular activities. The moments spent outside class hours, in fact, are an opportunity for exchange and comparison, a moment to cultivate sociality and the spirit of collaboration, an opportunity to put into practice what has been learned. Precisely with this in mind, in recent months an important restyling of the canteen was completed, today even more usable and functional, and of the Theater, which with its capacity of 100 seats and its brand new internship is ready to welcome students. , professors and families.

Another important news is certainly the new "open air learning" area in Caviglia Campus’ front garden, dedicated to Early Years students (2-5 years).

The space has been redesigned and set up to reserve for the little ones a place where play and learning are complementary thanks to a series of specially designed equipment. The new area is inspired by "Outdoor learning". This is a methodology particularly appreciated by teachers and parents, especially during the pandemic emergency. The reference model are the so-called "schools in the forest" that have long characterized the school supply of some Northern European countries, first of all Denmark.

The goal is not simply to let children stay outdoors, but to help them cultivate their ability to collaborate and socialize thanks to the freedom of movement and expression guaranteed by the outdoor spaces of a garden or park. Our new area becomes in effect a further learning opportunity for the little ones who can alternate workshops, readings, water games and other activities complementary to those normally carried out within the school and their class.