Carpe Magnificentiam: "Take Hold of What Is Marvellous"

At our school, we aim to meet children's needs by helping them reach their full potential. Students are supported by a progressive, dedicated, and highly-qualified group of teachers and school staff who have established a reputation for setting high standards. Teachers encourage cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity through extensive linguistic practice in every subject.

The school's motto is 'Carpe Magnificentiam', which translates to 'take hold of what is marvellous'. Learners in our student body are encouraged to "take hold" of their outstanding education by immersing themselves in the abundant enriching learning opportunities offered as part of our child-centred, holistic approach.


Principals' Welcome

Welcome to our School!

We are delighted that you are interested in St. Louis School, Milan.

We are a dynamic, well-established, world-class school that is able to thrive due to the support of our Milanese and international communities. With more than 25 years experience of providing excellent education, our students continue to remain at the heart of everything we do. At St. Louis School, our student body gains a unique opportunity to follow a successful educational model that combines the best of the British National Curriculum with the highly-respected Italian Curriculum.

In High School, learners continue their education with the International GCSE course and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The impressive year-on-year scores earned by our IB Diploma students have established us as the No.1 School in Europe.

The teaching staff at our school ensure our students' learning journey and achievement is seamless and aligned with their academic and personal goals. They offer consistent, exemplary teaching and are dedicated to offering personalised education, which is essential for a school that educates 1800 students across three campuses. Our results show that we are successful in helping our learners achieve excellence. We aim to support our entire school community at every stage of the development, from our learners aged 2, to the young adults that graduate and attend world-class universities at the age of 18.

We believe that learning at every stage should be enjoyable, engaging, and also challenging. Academic rigour instils resilience - an essential quality for those in our community, and one that will help our students strive for future success. St. Louis School graduates accomplish remarkable success in a wide range of professions across the world.

Our alumni has informed us that their achievements are not only due to the internationally-recognised IB diploma they receive, but their inner confidence, independent learning skills, and their ongoing commitment to the values that they adopted during their time at St. Louis School.

We warmly invite you to visit our school and discover why we are one of the leading schools in Europe. Explore our campuses at Archinto (Years 10 to Year 13), Caviglia (EYFS to Year 9) and Colonna (EYFS to Year 9) to experience our welcoming school community and its tradition of educational excellence.

We look forward to showing you why St. Louis School is such a special place to learn.

Yours sincerely,

Tor de Federico (Principal, Caviglia Campus)
Gerry Rafferty (Executive Principal, Archinto Campus)
Kathleen Slocombe (Principal, Colonna Campus)

Nurturing Well-rounded, Global Citizens

Our British international school in Milan offers an ambitious educational programme that promotes personal and academic growth. Students are welcomed into a productive and nurturing learning environment that fosters fulfilling and rewarding academic opportunities and challenges. The school's highly-qualified staff demonstrate teaching experience gained in the UK, Italy and elsewhere in the world.

At St. Louis, We Focus on Each Child as an Individual Learner

Students are encouraged to learn through active and engaging learning experiences. The British curriculum forms the basis of a holistic education programme.

Achieve academic excellence by striving to reach their potential

Develop socially and emotionally to become caring, committed, globally minded citizens

Take part in a wide range of extracurricular experiences

Discover their passions – academic, artistic and athletic

Become motivated, engaged, enthusiastic, life-long learners

25 Years of Success

Since its inception, our school in Milan has risen to meet new challenges, while holding fast to important traditions. Much has been achieved over the past 25 years. We take pride in our reputation as a student-focused, ever-expanding learning environment. Our well-planned programmes attract a talented staff to ensure the attainment of excellent academic results. We are very proud of our broad-based, state-of-the-art curricula, which is buttressed by well-invested resources, high-tech know-how, and visionary teaching.

Academic Excellence Over The Years

Founding of St. Louis School.

From Viale Piceno to Via G.B. Morgagni: a bigger location.

Via G.B. Morgagni: 100 students, from Preschool to Primary.

Opening of the Via Caviglia Campus.

Opening of the Via Caviglia Middle School.

The Via Caviglia High School opens with 17 students.

Opening of the Via Pantano High School.

The Via Colonna Campus opens, welcoming students from 2 to 14 years old.

The Palazzo Archinto campus inauguration with 340 students. It boasts the top IB scores in continental Europe.

Virtual learning during the pandemic: best-case histories.

Celebrating St. Louis School’s 25 years of academic success.

Gerry Rafferty

Executive Principal, Archinto

"I feel our unique approach to teaching and learning develops thinking skills, which not only help students master the basics in their education but also helps to broaden their capacity to ask better questions, build resilience, develop empathy and ignite their imaginations. Having these inbuilt soft skills will prove vital in the years ahead."


Tor Del Federico

Principal, Caviglia

"A truly outstanding education prepares children not only for academic success but also for life as compassionate, engaged and proactive global citizens. The holistic provision at St Louis: our focus on language acquisition, arts, sports and creativity, alongside academic excellence, ensures that students are equipped to become the very best they can be and to go out into the world and make a positive difference."

Kathleen Slocombe

Principal, Colonna

"Schools in the 21st-Century must develop students into curious inquirers, who are lifelong learners. As Einstein said, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow". The key is not to stop questioning, as curiosity has its reason for existing."

Barbara Grassi

Business Manager

"I believe that creativity and empathy are the defining characteristics of 21st-century global education. Our warm community continues to flourish in harmony and trust in our British international school, where different ideas, personalities and nationalities come together for the benefit of all."

Gerry Rafferty - Executive Principal

Hatty Rafferty - Deputy Head, IB Years

Michael Hewer - Deputy Head, IGCSE

Emma Patton - Deputy Head, Pastoral

Tor Del Federico - Principal

Matthew Ingram - Vice Principal, Middle School

Nick Tollitt - Academic Coordinator, Middle School

Tom Millar - Vice Principal, Primary School

Katy Hare - Academic Coordinator, Primary School

Elena Colombo - Head of Italian Primary School

Kathleen Slocombe - Principal

Laura Chaop - Vice Principal, Pastoral Care

Marthinus Barnard - Vice Principal, Academics

Arthur Russell - Head of Primary School, Academics

Leigh Brannigan - Head of Primary School, Pastoral

Carmelo Aragone - Head of Middle School, Academics

Graham Lawless - Head of Middle School, Pastoral

Elena Colombo - Head of Italian Primary School

Christinah Nikel - Head of Foundation, Stage 0 and Stage 1

Caroline Tucker - Head of Foundation, Stage 2 and Year 1

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