Achieving Excellence Beyond School

We are extremely proud of our alumni. They remain fundamental to the St. Louis community to form a special relationship with the school. In the wake of our 25th anniversary, we offer our alumni members ever-expanding opportunities to stay connected to their Alma Mater.

Meet Our Alumni

At St. Louis School exceptional international education is at the heart of our mission. Teachers, university counsellors, pastoral staff and parents work together to give students the support they need to explore their capabilities, reach their goals, and achieve outstanding results at school and in the next phase of their lives. Read our alumni's success stories below.


“I'm 22 years old and am currently working in Milan for Cefriel, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, which offers IT consulting services to promote innovation and digitalization across businesses. Within Cefriel, I am a researcher and a scientific consultant for the Internet of Things team.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and I enjoy learning about Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems and IoT. In my spare time, I enjoy running and playing football.

I joined St. Louis School at Caviglia Campus as a kid aged 3 years old and left as a young adult at 18. What I always found special about St. Louis was how much the school valued critical thinking. This gave students the tools to develop an opinion and engage in constructive discussions with their peers from a very young age. This proved incredibly useful for me at university, at my job, and in everyday life.”


“Hi! My name is Matilda and I graduated from St. Louis High School in 2017. I chose to study at St. Louis because of its multicultural environment and its personalised approach to learning. St. Louis was special to me as it allowed me to focus on subjects that interested me. Customised learning helped me value my strengths and learn in ways that were stimulating and encouraging.

I continued my studies at Central Saint Martins, where I graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Culture Criticism and Curation. Although I want to pursue a career in the arts, I have taken a year to follow my passion for skiing and wish to complete a Corso Maestri.”


“After completing the IB Diploma at the High School, I went on to study Physics at Imperial College London, where I did an Integrated Masters course (MSci) and graduated in 2019. After a few internships in finance, I decided that I actually wanted to learn how to code and work in Tech, so I did some training for a few months and then started working as a Data Engineer for a financial institution in London.

Data Engineering involves finding ways to make large amounts of raw data useful to a business. My responsibilities also include managing databases and large scale processing systems. Outside of work I enjoy travelling, cooking and exercising.

I joined St. Louis Caviglia when I was about 5-years-old and when I left High School at 17, I was ready to take on the world. I found St. Louis to be a challenging and stimulating environment, where all teachers always encourage you to keep improving and deeply care about your personal and academic development. If my Physics teacher hadn't inspired me to pursue a Physics degree, I wouldn't be where I am today. From engaging in meaningful discussions on hard topics, to meeting interesting people from all over the world, St. Louis will enable every student to achieve a tremendous amount of growth.”

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