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Our school is proud to be a member of Inspired Education, a leading group of premium schools with a presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Over 80,000 students attend more than 110 schools across more than 24 countries. At each Inspired school, children access world-leading curriculums and exciting opportunities to unlock their potential from Kindergarten to High School.

Founded by Nadim M. Nsouli in 2013, Inspired offers a cutting-edge approach to learning. Students gain a dynamic, engaging and widely-transferable education that instils relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and values that benefits them for life. The Group understands the importance of having a global perspective in a modern world and curate overseas student exchanges, and exciting camp programmes to develop skills, a sense of adventure and community values.

At our private school in Milan, students, teachers and staff benefit from global best practice delivered by Inspired's experts. Excellent results and exceptional teaching standards are a testament to our ongoing success, which is demonstrated with our placement at the top of national and international league tables. Achievement continues for students after they complete our High School programmes, with 1 in 3 Inspired graduates gaining acceptance to a Russell Group or Ivy League university, and over 90% attending their first-choice higher education provider.

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Inspired's Philosophy: Three Pillar Approach

Our School nurtures the individuality of each child through a holistic education focused on the Three Pillars of Academics, Sport, and Performing Arts to ensure every student achieves their full potential across a variety of disciplines.

A global approach to learning transforms students into world citizens: they are prepared to seize their futures, and thrive with the confidence and skills they need to gain success in an ever-changing world.




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