The St. Louis School in Milan is pleased to announce that the Palazzo Archinto, a magnificent historic building located in via Olmetto, has opened its doors to all senior school students from Years 10-13 as of September 2019. The School embarked on a major redevelopment programme, to turn this historic building into a fantastic modern British international school with a capacity of just over 600.We are all very pleased with the outcomes.

Designed by architect Francesco Maria Richini in the 17th century and situated in the centre of Milan, the Palazzo provides the perfect learning environment for students of this age, blending state-of-the art educational facilities within historic surroundings. Most of the classrooms face out onto the Palazzo’s beautiful and original eighteenth century courtyard and gardens. The building is also conveniently located between the other two St. Louis campuses. In our design for the new school we created an innovative and contemporary space which is both beautiful and highly functional. The designs will reflect our focus on innovation, sustainability and pupil centred learning.

Indeed, St Louis High School (Archinto) is a stone’s throw from the Duomo (Cathedral). Presently, inside the beautifully restored building is a buzzing vibrant community of 400 students from 14-18, all of which follow the IGCSE Cambridge and IB Diploma Programmes within classrooms, laboratories and other specialist areas. The location of the school in the heart of this vibrant City allows easy access to theatres, Universities, museums and business enterprises. Indeed, the key location helps immensely with our year 10 and 12 work experience initiatives every Summer term.


Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) sees the beginning of the students’ IGCSE journey. IGCSEs are external exams, set and marked by Cambridge Examination board and taken at the end of Year 11. Each student is able to shape their own curriculum allowing them to pursue their passions and excel in their chosen areas of study.

The school has taught the IGCSE programme for 8 years with exceptional results across all subject areas.



Years 12 and 13 are the final part of our students’ learning journey here at SLS, when they will enter the Sixth Form and sit IB Diploma examinations. The IB Diploma is a well-respected gateway to any of the top universities in the world. Our aim is to prepare students for further study in universities around the world and for their future life. The Sixth Form at SLS provides an environment where students receive direction whilst being given opportunities for independence both through their studies and in their contributions to the school and the wider community. We have strong support in place for university applications and are proud that no student is ever overlooked, whatever their achievement level.

Students are guided and supported by our highly knowledgeable and expert teachers who care passionately about the continual academic and personal progress of the students.

What makes the academic atmosphere of St Louis Archinto special is the mutual respect between teachers and students so that success is seen as a shared goal and responsibility. The last 5 year’s outstanding IGCSE and IB results were the product of that relationship. When regular school is ended small pockets of staff and students can be seen everywhere discussing projects and developing areas of interest.