The St. Louis School in Milan is pleased to announce that the Palazzo Archinto, a magnificent historic building located in via Olmetto, has opened its doors to all senior school students from Years 10-13 as of September 2019. The School embarked on a major redevelopment programme, to turn this historic building into a fantastic modern British international school with a capacity of just over 600.We are all very pleased with the outcomes.

Designed by architect Francesco Maria Richini in the 17th century and situated in the centre of Milan, the Palazzo provides the perfect learning environment for students of this age, blending state-of-the art educational facilities within historic surroundings. Most of the classrooms face out onto the Palazzo’s beautiful and original eighteenth century courtyard and gardens. The building is also conveniently located between the other two St. Louis campuses. In our design for the new school we created an innovative and contemporary space which is both beautiful and highly functional. The designs will reflect our focus on innovation, sustainability and pupil centred learning.

Indeed, St Louis High School (Archinto) is a stone’s throw from the Duomo (Cathedral). Presently, inside the beautifully restored building is a buzzing vibrant community of 400 students from 14-18, all of which follow the IGCSE Cambridge and IB Diploma Programmes within classrooms, laboratories and other specialist areas. The location of the school in the heart of this vibrant City allows easy access to theatres, Universities, museums and business enterprises. Indeed, the key location helps immensely with our year 10 and 12 work experience initiatives every Summer term.

We are pleased to announce that St. Louis High School has become an American SAT test centre.  

 “The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions decisions in the United States. To ease the students' college enrollment process our school is now delighted and honoured  to become an official test centre for the College Board SAT Exams.”  Mr Rafferty

As of now, we are planning to hold the March (SAT only), May (SAT and Subject Tests) and June (Subject Tests only) exams at Archinto.  It is possible we will hold further exams in the fall (Autumn). 

A huge thanks to the Archinto school counsellors for their continued great work in this field of expertise.



The school day begins at 8 am and finishes officially at 1:50 pm, leaving plenty of time for enrichment in the afternoons (1:50 pm-5:00 pm) with Sports, CAS activities and support sessions.

A full enrichment programme is offered and this provides an opportunity to develop personalities, leadership skills, community spirit and self-confidence. There are abundant opportunities to participate and compete in Music, Drama, Sport, Service and other activities.

Our CAS programme is an integral part of what we are. We have robust long-term relationships with charities in the local communities and beyond and are always ready for new opportunities.

Our biggest project over the last year and a half has been our involvement in United World Schools’ education project in Cambodia; Swy school in Rathankiri province is up and running with St Louis sponsorship and support. Each summer we send out groups of students on observation and they come back inspired with firm relationships in place for future collaboration.

Following several years of successfully running the Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze and Silver Awards, our first Gold Award students in the school, and in Italy were introduced 2 years ago.