Jake Burnett | Principal Caviglia

"It is a pleasure to be part of such a proactive community, where the partnership between school and home is such an active and important foundation of the strong academic platform created for each student here. Our role is to challenge and support growth at every stage, so that we prepare well balanced, communicative, goal-oriented and kind citizens who know how to think, reflect and develop themselves, and who will make many positive differences in the lives of others across the world."


Amy Tarafdar | Deputy Head Early Years

"Early Years is a magical time of discovery and as Teachers of this phase we have the great privilege of being welcomed into the child's imaginative world. The children provide us with a constant source of inspiration that enables us to facilitate their learning experience. In Early Years we view ourselves as facilitators of learning. We go on a learning journey with the child, we personalise their education and celebrate all their individual achievements along the way. It is a dream come true for me to be the Deputy Head of Early Years at St. Louis and I feel really excited about the journey ahead."


Matthew IngramDeputy Head, Middle School

"The simple aim of all educationalists at St Louis is to support and guide all St. Louis students on their Learning Journey and to aim for the highest cloud so that if they miss it, they will still hit the peak of their own lofty mountain."


Nick Tollitt | Middle School Academic Coordinator

"In the Middle School, at St. Louis, we equip students with the creative and pragmatic skills required to excel in their studies. Education relies on clarity, good communication and consistency. By tailoring lessons to the interests and needs of students, as well as providing detailed and specific feedback, we ensure that they are prepared for every step of their learning journey, fostering rapport and promoting a love of learning."


Ayesha Joshi | Primary School Academic Coordinator

"What we aim to aspire in the Primary School at Caviglia is a love of learning and a level of independence that the children can carry with them throughout their education. Our lessons are based around the school values which encourages, critical thinking, creativity and self-reflection. Engaging children in these core values enables us to promote a positive learning environment, one which challenges, motivates and enables them to achieve their full potential throughout their learning journey in the Primary school."


Ross Bell | Deputy Head of Primary School

"As a community, we are extremely proud of the results that St Louis School receives in the High School in both GCSE and IB programmes. From an early age we make sure our students’ contributions are effective, they are inspired to reach their respective potential and they are driven to succeed. The teaching team focuses on the individual student and we are passionate to make each and every session engaging and valuable. We foster a warm, cooperative and welcoming learning environment for everyone; one in which the students look forward to each day at school. Our aim: to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning."