Middle School Education in Milan

Caviglia Campus/Colonna Campus

Our Secondary School in Milan, Italy, offers students “Skills for Life”. We offer a comprehensive Middle School education that caters to 11 to 13-year-olds within an innovative and impressive academic environment. Students are well-prepared for their transition into Year 7 with dedicated pastoral care and the help of Form Tutors, and they gain a digitally-focused secondary education with access to laptops and online resources. Children also participate in enjoyable school excursions to enhance project-based learning as part of the UK National Curriculum.

For the period of a month, Middle School students may attend a Boarding School in the UK as part of our fully-integrated exchange programme. Our international school has partnered with 5 of the most prestigious Boarding Schools in the UK, each offering an exciting opportunity to explore Britain.

la migliore istruzione delle scuole medie a Milano

Why Choose Our Middle School in Milan?

At the Middle School level, learners are encouraged to apply their knowledge across the curriculum. They become effective researchers and independent learners through the skills and knowledge based academic and pastoral programme.

Our friendly middle years community encourages lasting connections with others from around the world, helping students attain invaluable skills, in and outside the classroom, and life-changing experiences to complement the school's robust international education.

Existing St Louis School students entering Year 10 and above will always receive priority admission to continue their education at our Archinto High School campus.

Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School curriculum supports children in Years 7 to 9 as they advance from Primary into Secondary education. Young students enjoy a comfortable process of change and are well cared for by a team of attentive pastoral staff and specialist teachers. Our core Middle School curriculum is delivered in line with the guidelines of the Key Stage 3 UK National Curriculum.

scuola media di Milano

Middle School Teachers

Our Secondary School staff are fully-qualified teachers, some of whom are from English-speaking countries. Experienced Italian teachers teach Italian classes, and specialist teachers lead the Italian as an Additional Language (IAL) course, supporting middle years non-native Italian speakers. In line with international school standards, Middle School students change teachers each academic year.

impara l'italiano e l'inglese nella nostra scuola media a Milano

Language Immersion

At our British school in Milan, fluent Italian speakers are offered the option of an Italian language and culture stream, leading to Italian Middle School language examinations. Language assessments may take place at the end of term, and at the end of the academic year.

scuola secondarie di Milano con campus storico

Middle School Facilities

Our historically-significant Colonna Campus and Caviglia school buildings are close to the centre of Milan, providing regular opportunities for numerous cultural activities. The campus offers libraries, well-equipped science laboratories, an art room, music rooms, and dedicated play and sports areas for students attending Middle School classes.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer a number of field trips related to the topics students are studying each year. We organise visits to galleries, theatres, and museums to broaden the learning experience and make it enjoyable and fun. Children can also look forward to various on-campus experiences led by dedicated experts.

A wide range of activities are available through our extra-curricular programme. In the middle years, students may learn languages, play sports and explore their creativity. Activities include:

scuola media Milano per studiare lingue


  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
sport di una scuola media inglese a Milano


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Judo
  • Yoga
  • Hip-Hop Dance Club
classe di musica nelle scuole medie vicino a me

Music Tuition

Music practice is an integral part of the Middle School curriculum. In addition to weekly music classes, children may take one-to-one voice and instrumental lessons in piano, strings, woodwinds, percussion and brass with music tuition led by professional music teachers. During the academic year, choir, band, and music students perform at school concerts and events. The school community also hosts regular music workshops, featuring special guest performances by talented artists.

attività per gli studenti di una scuola media di Milano

Other Activities

  • Journalism
  • Chess Club
  • Math Club
  • Robotics

Middle School Timetable

On the Colonna Campus, Middle School classes start at 8:30 - 8:45 am and finish at 4:00 pm. At the Caviglia Campus, classes start at 8:30 am and finish at 4:00 pm. Students in the middle years division finish school early on Wednesdays.

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