High School Team


Robert Bulmer                                                                    Academic Coordinator Upper School - Colonna Campus

"I believe that every student is entitled to a learning experience that exposes them to a range of different teaching and learning styles, that harnesses a culture of enquiry led learning and that enables them to maximise their potential"

Melanie Stell                                                                         IB Coordinator - Pantano Campus

"We put a high value on the teacher-student relationship as being key to a positive learning process. We look to teach students how to think for themselves as they take steps on their learning journey"



Julian Abelson                                                                    Deputy Head - Pantano Campus

"We strive each and every day to help our students to be happy, healthy young men and women, and to help develop and foster in them both a love for learning and an empathy for those around them. It is our passion for supporting and nurturing young people that leads us to be in education and leaves us feeling lucky each and every day we have the opportunity to share this passion with our students"

Gavin Williams                                                                   Upper School Deputy Head - via Colonna

"The success of St Louis is built upon the strength of the relationships between students and teachers.  We work tirelessly to develop our students not just academically, but also as internationally minded, compassionate and confident individuals who can contribute positively to their communities.  Our caring approach to education gives our students the tools to grow into the people that they choose to become"